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Switch from RingCentral and get up to 6 months free

Support customers, drive sales, and collaborate with your team—all in one, beautiful Ai-powered app.


*Valid RingCentral contract required, Minimum 3-year Dialpad commitment required (36 months + free months, not 30 months + free months), Activation fees not exempt.

You'll be in good company

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stacks up against RingCentral

Faster Set-up and Deployment

Dialpad owns our entire platform, including UCaaS, CCaaS, and Ai. RingCentral relies on integrations and partnerships with organizations like NICE to provide enterprise CCaaS, and because of that the deployment timeline is often out of their hands. With Dialpad, setting up a new user takes five minutes. Setting up a contact center? Another five. All so you can control and scale communications as your business continues to grow.

Weekly Feature Releases

Dialpad is built on the Google Cloud Platform, which allows us to do neat things like minimize downtime and release new features every week—not quarterly like most other platforms.

Advanced Analytics

Dialpad’s Ai platform powers more advanced analytics like real-time coaching and SLA monitoring—right out of the box.


Dialpad starts at $15/user/month when paid annually. RingCentral's entry-level plan costs $19.99/user/month when paid annually.

Built-in Ai

Dialpad is an Ai-powered platform. That means Ai is built into every conversation—helping you transcribe calls, track action items, analyze sentiment, coach agents, and more.

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