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Dialpad Ai Solutions Webinar


How Dialpad is reshaping the industry with Ai

Today, customers are communicating with brands in novel ways and most organisations find it challenging to communicate with customers on their preferred channel or promptly address their concerns.

Ai is a game-changing tool that empowers businesses of all types to enhance their top-line and bottom-line revenues. This is precisely why Dialpad is at the forefront of Ai solutions for customer intelligence.

In this webinar, discover why Dialpad stands as the industry-leading intelligent customer engagement and collaboration solution, boasting our Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform and our newly launched “12 Months of Ai” initiative designed to deliver advanced Ai use cases for all of our customers.

What to Expect

- A deep-dive into our latest Ai launches including Ai Recap, Ai Scorecards, and Ai Coaching Hub

- Learning how to identify customer personas and effectively pitch Dialpad Ai

- Q&A with Dialpad’s Ai team