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How does VoIP work?

VoIP Business Phone System

With VoIP your business calls happen completely over the internet. Your analog audio signals are converted into digital data which Dialpad uses to transmit your calls over the web.

In turn, devices that have an internet connection are now turned into your business phone. So instead of having to call into a conference from your desk, you can dial into the same meeting from your laptop (in your own house, favorite coffee shop, airplane seat, etc).

Plus, VoIP doesn’t require the kind of infrastructure that traditional telephony systems require. That means more savings for your budget.

The Future of VoIP

Where’s VoIP headed in the future? While it’s still a relatively new technology, the best VoIP phone systems out there are the ones that continue to develop and change as trends in anywhere workers emerge.

One thing is clear. Workers want more integrated systems so they can spend less time juggling between platforms. Thanks to the power of VoIP, we’re able to offer a variety of ways to integrate your current communication platforms right into Dialpad.

These can include your productivity suites like GSuite or Office365, logging calls with your Salesforce Contacts or Leads, or diving into detailed call analytics.

Can your desk phone do all that?

Power Your Team With VoIP

We are in the era of the Anywhere Worker, a time where work is a thing you do not a place you go. Your workforce need to be able to take calls on the go, on whichever device is handy at the time. A cloud based phone system ensures your team never misses a call and maximizes productivity levels with smart features, analytics and integrations.

Not only does VoIP cut the cord on clunky desk phones, but it clears out that overstuffed IT closet since VoIP doesn’t require any of the old infrastructure that the traditional telephony systems require.

Without all that unnecessary equipment, your Company is left with a more cost-effective solution that powers your team to work from anywhere.

Dialpad VoIP Phone Solution

From the team that co-founded Google Voice, Dialpad can offer your team the best VoIP phone solution. Deploy your entire team within 24 hours. Integrate your phone system with the workplace tools you use the most. Take the pain out of your conference calls.

Dialpad is the answer for your modern business communications. Join the 35,000+ customers who have killed the desk phone with Dialpad.

"We wanted to be able to operate on our devices through VoIP, and still have all the bells and whistles of an office phone system. Dialpad has all of that."

– Dan Leitao, Partner at Black Stag Consulting

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