Voice Intelligence (Vi) for CCaaS

A Three-Part Webinar Mini-Series on Voice Intelligence (Vi) for CCaaS

You might not have 45 minutes to dedicate to a webinar. In this mini-series, each session is under 10 minutes and gets right to the point. Join us as we go through the what, how, and why of using Vi for the contact center.

Part one in the series is now available on-demand.

Part One: What is Vi?

In this session, Dialpad's Product Manager Brian Sinclair covers:

  • The value of voice intelligence
  • How Vi works
  • How Dialpad handles voice intelligence data

Part Two: How to Use Vi to Make Your Customers Happy

In this session, Dialpad's Group Product Manager Shanan Delp covers:

  • Using Vi to track organizational trends

  • Using Vi to train your agent

  • How Vi can track your progress with CSAT

  • Vi compliance in the contact center

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Brian Sinclair

Brian Sinclair

Product Manager



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