The What, How, & Why of Voice Intelligence (Vi) for UCaaS

A Three-Part Webinar Mini-Series on Voice Intelligence (Vi)

Interested in learning more about voice intelligence but don’t know where to start? If you’re asking yourself what voice intelligence is, how it applies to your business, and why you should care - we’ve got you covered.

Dialpad has produced a webinar mini-series on the what, how, and why of voice intelligence for UCaaS. Each session in this three-part series is under 10-minutes, so you know we get right to the point.

Part One: What is Vi?

In this session, Dialpad's Product Manager Brian Sinclair covers:

  • The value of voice intelligence
  • How Vi works
  • How Dialpad handles voice intelligence data

Part Two: How to Use Vi to Work Smarter

In this session, Dialpad's Group Product Manager Shanan Delp covers:

  • Voice intelligence's role in meetings
  • Vi action items
  • Vi transcription

Part Three: Why Vi is the Next Big Thing for Business Communications

In this session, Dialpad's Senior Product Marketing Manager Nichole Paschal covers:

  • Leveraging voice intelligence to build trust with customers
  • How Vi can save your business time
  • How Vi can strengthen your internal communications
Brian Sinclair

Brian Sinclair

Product Manager


Shanan Delp

Shanan Delp

Group Product Manager



Nichole Paschal

Senior Product Marketing Manager



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