The What, How, & Why of Voice Intelligence (Vi) for UCaaS

Date and Time

Tuesday, May 4th at 11 PST / 2 EST

A Three-Part Webinar Mini-Series on Voice Intelligence (Vi)

We understand that you don't always have 45 minutes to dedicate to a webinar. That's why we developed this mini-series, with each video in the series being under 10 minutes. Join us as we go through the what, how, and why of using Vi for UCaaS.

Part One: What is Vi? (Tuesday, May 4 at 11 PST / 2 EST)

In this session, Dialpad's Product Manager Brian Sinclair will cover:

  • The value of voice intelligence
  • How Vi works
  • How Dialpad handles voice intelligence data

Part Two: How to Use Vi to Work Smarter (Tuesday, May 11 at 11 PST / 2 EST)

In this session, Dialpad's Group Product Manager Shanan Delp will cover:

  • Voice intelligence's role in meetings
  • Vi action items
  • Vi transcription

Part Three: Why Vi is the Next Big Thing for Business Communications (Tuesday, May 18 at 11 PST / 2 EST)

In this session, Dialpad's Senior Product Marketing Manager Nichole Paschal will cover:

  • Leveraging voice intelligence to build trust with customers
  • How Vi can save your business time
  • How Vi can strengthen your internal communications

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Brian Sinclair

Brian Sinclair

Product Manager


Shanan Delp

Shanan Delp

Group Product Manager



Nichole Paschal

Senior Product Marketing Manager