Pulling Costs Out of the Post-Covid Contact Center

Technology is supposed to make doing business easier while also lowering the cost of conducting business and connecting with people. Nowhere is this more true than in the contact center, where organizations both large and small can benefit today from more advanced customer engagement and more streamlined operational tools. Contact Center managers and Customer Support executives have multiple options at their fingertips to drive costs out of their businesses, while improving their relationships with customers and their ability to serve and sell at the same time.

This webinar explores what’s changed in the contact center in recent years as companies have focused resources on digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and distributed workforces. We look at unique benefits and competitive advantages gained by those initiatives, as well as important ways to lower contact center costs in the process.

We also answer some of these key questions:

  • What’s different about today’s agent workforce that helps reduce costs while also enhancing loyalty and customer satisfaction?

  • How can my organization’s digital transformation be simplified and accelerated?

  • A.I. can mean a lot of different things – so how can I discover the right A.I. enablement for my business?

  • How does the size of my organization change the options available to modernize or go digital?

  • What are some new things I can try to reduce one of the biggest costs to my contact center – agent attrition?

  • What are some best practices for contact center modernization?

Keith Dawson Headshot

Keith Dawson

VP & Research Director, Customer Experience at Ventana Research

Ventana Research

Ron stevenson

Ron Stevenson

Senior Product Marketing Manager



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