How to Use AI to Reduce Customer and Employee Churn

Today's customers and employees are more digitally connected than ever before to almost any location on the globe. The disruption caused by the Covid-19 global health emergency is showing that corporate success is not defined by the size of a business, instead competitive edge is built on agility and customer understanding.

This webinar goes behind-the-scenes with the rapid growth of logistics provider ShipEx. Hear how ShipEx used AI to turn a challenge into an opportunity to excel at serving customers, delighting employees and going global — all while lowering costs and complexity.

Watch this webinar to:

1. Find technologies that can nurture happiness in both customers and employees
2. Discover how to use employees more productively and avoid burnout
3. Understand how small businesses can scale-up and go global with speed thanks to the cloud
4. Understand how smaller organizations can access the benefits and returns of artificial intelligence

Ron stevenson

Ron Stevenson

Senior Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Contact Center


Zach glenn

Zach Glenn

IT Director



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