How Blue Cliff College Cut Telephony Costs & Easily Transitioned to Remote Work

In the spring semester of 2020, the education sector experienced a challenge that they've never been hit with before. More than 1,300 colleges and universities in all 50 states canceled in-person classes or shifted to online-only instruction.

For most education institutions, this swift change came with countless difficulties as staff battled new obstacles. However, for Blue Cliff College, an upgraded VoIP solution meant the organization virtually "didn't miss a day of operations" throughout the pandemic.

In this webinar, Blue Cliff's IT Director Jeremy Cumbie and Dialpad's Director of Product Marketing Dylan Hoeffler have a fireside chat to discuss:

  • Blue Cliff College's process in selecting, implementing, and addressing adoption of the Dialpad Talk product
  • The transition to remote work for COVID
  • Organizational plans post-COVID for staff and students
  • The barriers the education sector faces in adopting new technologies
Dylan Hoeffler

Dylan Hoeffler

Director of Product Marketing


Person photo

Jeremy Cumbie

IT Director

Blue Cliff College


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