Effective Ways to Close Deals Faster

Your sales team is on a roll. But how can you scale to meet buyers’ needs... while also smashing your numbers and exceeding your revenue goals?

Well, there is an answer, and it’s not one we’re keeping secret. We teamed up with Outreach and Highspot to bring you a sales-focused webinar.

During this revenue, our top revenue leaders discuss:

  • Train reps to improve close rates and provide better customer experiences
  • Host effective sales meetings by answering more questions in the moment and tailoring follow-up content
  • Reduce time spent on administrative activities so reps can stay fully engaged
  • Coach your teams in real-time to handle objections

Dalton Knoderer

Director of SMB Sales


Nathan outreach

Nate Broome

VP of SMB Sales


Brahm highspot

Brahm Heyman

Head of Enterprise & Strategic Sales



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