Boosting Customer Experience and Sales with AI Enabled Communications

Date and Time

August 26 I 11am CST

How we work and stay connected has changed dramatically in recent months. Organizations have been forced to rethink the employee, customer, and sales experience. Companies are embracing cloud and AI-powered technologies as they are rapidly adapting to the new remote work environment. Why? Recent technology advancements are enabling new ways to make employees more effective, improve customer engagement, gain competitive insights, and boost sales in this new remote work environment.

Join Dialpad & Adaptive Network Solutions for a discussion on how Adaptive Network Solutions can bridge the gap between your communication and analytic tools and how Dialpad empowers businesses to boost productivity and maintain visibility from anywhere. Boosting Customer Experience and Sales with AI Enabled Communications

We’ll cover:

  • Creating a strategic plan to modernize and tie together communication and analytic tools
  • Maximizing employee productivity with communication and collaboration
  • Best practices to optimize productivity and get competitive insights leveraging AI technology
  • Solutions and tools to give you more visibility and productivity no matter where you are
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John Mais

Founder & President

Adaptive Network Solutions

Travis Harms

Travis Harms

Channel Manager



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