Boosting Customer Experience and Sales with AI Enabled Communications

Date and Time

November 11 I 11:00am CST

Now more than ever companies are realizing the need to rethink their employee, customer, and sales experience. How we work and stay connected has changed dramatically and companies have realized the need to embrace the new technology in their Call Centers as they rapidly adapt to new remote and hybrid work environments. Luckily, Recent technology advancements are enabling new ways to make employees more effective, improve customer engagement, gain competitive insights, and boost sales in this new work from anywhere environment.

A few pain points we can cover on the call:

  • Attrition
  • Insufficient tools to provide one-call resolutions
  • Easy to view actionable analytics
  • Significant delays in calls getting to the right person
  • Lack of omni–channel reporting
  • Maintenance, Adds, Moves, and Changes


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