UC And Outlook

The New Way to Schedule and Orangize Your Conference Calls

Outlook users rejoice! UberConference has a native integration right within Microsoft Outlook to make scheduling and organize your conference calls easier than ever.

No more juggling between platforms. With our Uberconference Outlook add-in, all the conference info you need is right at your fingertips.

After downloading the add-in , an UberConference quick-action link will be automatically added to your Mail and Calendar menus.

Schedule a Call From Outlook

Schedule a call straight from Outlook without ever having to open UberConference. On your Mail screen, click Home > UberConference > New Meeting.

A new meeting window will open with your conference info pre-populated. From here you can:

When you’re ready, UberConference will automatically schedule the call for you. To view your upcoming call, head over to your Outlook Calendar.

Add Contacts To Your Calls Instantly

Why reinvent the wheel? With the Outlook add-in, you can automatically import all your Outlook contacts into UberConference without having to worry about duplicate accounts or long hours of manual entry.

Plus, importing your Outlook contacts allows UberConference to identify conference Participants by matching the caller from your contact list. Just open the add-in to automatically launch the sync.

Once the import completes, Organizers are able to easily add Participants to their calls simply by pulling them up via search.

Why Integrate Outlook?

Here’s a better question: why juggle more than one platform? With the Outlook add-in, you can skip out on trying to manage more than one interface at a time.

Outlook users can schedule calls straight from their Mail or Calendar menus, add their existing Outlook contacts, and even invite international Participants. And the best part? Everything happens straight from Outlook.

How Outlook and UberConference Work Together

Integrating with Outlook is just another way UberConference empowers teams to work from anywhere.

Before integrating your team, make sure that you’re running Windows 7, 8, & 10 for Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Once integrated, your team can enjoy scheduling meetings, customizing conference info, adding international access numbers and more right from Outlook.

Business Communications for Office 365

It’s not just Outlook that UberConference works beautifully with. UberConference is the conference calling tool of the next-generation business phone system, Dialpad. Dialpad is a fantastic business phone solution for Office 365 .

If your organization runs on O365 productivity, you want video conferencing, messaging, and a pbx system that operates perfectly within that system and that your employees love to use. Dialpad and UberConference deliver, letting your teams work, collaborate and communicate with unprecedented productivity levels. Thanks O365!

Outlook Integration for Free and Business Users

Outlook is designed for businesses big and small; from startups to household names, and everything in between. And guess what, so is UberConference!

Both UberConference Free and UberConference Business account holders can enjoy outlook integration with no restrictions. So whether you’re looking for a free conference calling solution for your growing business or looking to trial an enterprise grade business communications solution, UberConference has got you covered.

More Features

Web Conferences

Anyone can call in from their computer with HD audio.

Mobile Apps

The entire UberConference experience, available on your smartphone.

Local Dial-in Number

Select your own number from virtually any area code in the US and Canada.

Document Sharing

Easily share from your computer or from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Evernote.

Free Call Recording

Save conferences as MP3s for easy storage and playback.


UberConference makes joining calls ridiculously easy.

Screen Sharing

Easy organizer setup, no install required for participants.

Powerful Call Controls

Run conference calls smoothly with management controls.

Custom Hold Music

Select the perfect song to reflect your business's personality.

International Calling

Bonjour! Goddag! Ahoj! Dial in from over 50 countries around the world.


Gain actionable insights into your business communications.

Toll-Free Conferencing

Unlimited calls with your own toll free conference number.

Dial Out to Add Callers

Easily add participants mid-call and don’t miss a word.

UberConference for Business

Manage accounts for your whole team in one place.

Recurring Conference Calls

Ring or message up to five of your devices at once.

Call Summaries

Access recordings, shared files, and call statistics at the end of each call.

UberConference Chrome App

Receive notifications and make calls from your desktop.

Visual Conference Calls

Control calls easily from the Dialpad Chrome app, iOS and Android apps.

Group Chat

Send instant chat messages to everyone on the call.

Private Conference Calls

Make sure only invited people dial into the call.

Mute Participants

Control who can speak during the conference call.

Administration Login

Allow someone else to manage your conference calls.

Group Invites

Invite whole groups to conferences with a click.

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