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Catch the bus. Hop on a call. Take a sip of coffee. With Chat on Google Hangouts with the UberConference integration + Google Hangouts you can manage your meetings from anywhere in the world.

Integrating UberConference with Google Hangouts means never having to drop everything to jump on a call. Hangouts are given a conference number automatically so joining can happen straight from your phone, whether you’re catching a flight or picking up dinner.

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Call In and Hangout

Let’s face it: your team’s probably not too psyched for another conference call. When they’re faced with the prospect of shaky audio, distracting background noise and devices that can’t connect, well, we don’t blame them.

At UberConference, we’re reinventing the conference call, starting with HD audio, zero background noise, and the ability to manage calls straight from your own device.

Plus integrations with Google Hangouts and Docs , Salesforce , or Slack make team collaborations something to look forward to (instead of something to dread).

Call In and Hangout

Launch a Hangout while waiting for your morning coffee. Connecting your UberConference number with your Google Hangout account keeps your meetings flexible, just like you.

Not only can you launch a Hangout in seconds right from your cell, but the integration comes with:

Hangouts + UberConference are Better Together

Ready to add UberConference to your Hangouts? Click here to get started.

On your Hangouts window, click on the three dot icon in your sidebar to search for and download the UberConference app.

Once the app’s installed Hangouts will automatically dial into your UberConference. You’ll see an UberConference sidebar appear right on your Hangout.

As more UberConference Participants join your conference, you’ll see their info displayed in your sidebar. Hover over their Participant cards to display controls like Mute and Hang Up, or to check their social profiles from sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

Communicate With The G Suite Phone System

The UberConference Hangouts integration is just the beginning. Created by the team behind Google Voice, UberConference is part of Dialpad’s business communications solution , and is renowned for being the best phone system for G Suite .

Dialpad is a Recommended for G Suite partner meaning G Suite users can automatically sync their contacts, collaborate on sheets, slides and docs , and enjoy the convenience and security that G Suite brings. Hello single sign on!

UC + Hangouts FAQs

How many participants can I host on a hangout?

Since our Hangouts integration is available to both Free + Business users, participant limits vary depending on your account type.

UberConference Free: 15 Video Callers, 9 UberConference Callers
UberConference Business: 15 Video Callers, 99 UberConference Callers

Can I record a Hangout?

Just like your regularly recorded conferences , you can access your recorded Hangout right in your UberConference account under Past Conferences.

What do Hangout participants see?

After you enable the UberConference integration, all other Participants in the Hangout will be prompted to enable the same integration. Once they enable it, they’ll also be able view all the UberConference Participants that have joined the call.

More Features

Web Conferences

Anyone can call in from their computer with HD audio.

Mobile Apps

The entire UberConference experience, available on your smartphone.

Local Dial-in Number

Select your own number from virtually any area code in the US and Canada.

Document Sharing

Easily share from your computer or from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Evernote.

Free Call Recording

Save conferences as MP3s for easy storage and playback.


UberConference makes joining calls ridiculously easy.

Screen Sharing

Easy organizer setup, no install required for participants.

Powerful Call Controls

Run conference calls smoothly with management controls.

Custom Hold Music

Select the perfect song to reflect your business's personality.

International Calling

Bonjour! Goddag! Ahoj! Dial in from over 50 countries around the world.


Gain actionable insights into your business communications.

Toll-Free Conferencing

Unlimited calls with your own toll free conference number.

Dial Out to Add Callers

Easily add participants mid-call and don’t miss a word.

UberConference for Business

Manage accounts for your whole team in one place.

Recurring Conference Calls

Ring or message up to five of your devices at once.

Call Summaries

Access recordings, shared files, and call statistics at the end of each call.

UberConference Chrome App

Receive notifications and make calls from your desktop.

Visual Conference Calls

Control calls easily from the Dialpad Chrome app, iOS and Android apps.

Group Chat

Send instant chat messages to everyone on the call.

Private Conference Calls

Make sure only invited people dial into the call.

Mute Participants

Control who can speak during the conference call.

Administration Login

Allow someone else to manage your conference calls.

Group Invites

Invite whole groups to conferences with a click.

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