Dialpad’s Rampant Growth Suggests the Anywhere Worker Era is Accelerating

Eventbrite, Stripe, Quora, Postmates, and Code42 Are Some of the Latest Cloud-First Companies Killing the Desk Phone?

Dialpad, the world’s #1 pure cloud business communications provider, today announced 138 percent year-over-year subscription revenue growth, and more than 10,000 new customers in the past six months including enterprise customers such as Stripe, Netflix, and The Weather Channel and midmarket customers Eventbrite and PagerDuty. The company’s momentum is a clear reflection of the imperative for businesses to build an Anywhere Worker IT stack that enables employees to be more productive and connected no matter where they work.

Led by the creators of Google Voice, which helped end decades of consumer reliance on anchored home phones and became the world’s largest internet telephony provider, Dialpad’s founders are now attacking outdated business communications, allowing employees to make voice calls, video calls, messages and texts from any device (e.g., desktop, smartphones, tablets), while freeing employers from paying for and supporting expensive, fee-riddled business communications contracts based on complicated desk phones their workers no longer use.

“Every company is shifting to the cloud for their email, documents and productivity tools, letting their employees work from anywhere at any time on any device. Once that happens, the idea of having an expensive phone sitting on an empty desk makes no sense,” said Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad. “Now companies in every industry are seeing the power of productivity tools like G Suite and Office 365 combined with Dialpad, allowing them to ditch this unnecessary hardware, cut the cord on their legacy phone contracts, and move their business communications to the cloud like the rest of their productivity suite. This is no small disruption; it’s a complete re-imagination of the communications industry.”

“We are honored to have gained the trust of 35,000 customers – from fast-moving technology companies to the world's largest brands, who are joining us in killing the desk phone” said Morgan Norman, VP of Marketing at Dialpad. “It took almost four years to our first 10,000 companies but only half a year to add the latest 10,000. Companies everywhere are recognizing that the era of the desk phone is over, and they’re focusing on providing their people with technology that allows them to work from anywhere.”

With the shift to “anywhere work,” companies are looking for better solutions to replace hardware-based systems and free their workers to work how they want on whatever device they want to use. In a recent survey, Dialpad found that 77.2 percent of respondents currently work outside the office at least a few hours per week, and only 18.8 percent work at a desk 40 or more hours a week. What’s more, 75.3 percent prefer a mobile smartphone over a desk phone for business calls.

Dialpad continues to sign on more customers who want to give workers the cloud-based tools to work where, when and how they want. Killing their desk phones and switching to Dialpad can unlock savings of up to 85 percent.


Dialpad has rolled out some of the largest cloud-based communications deployments in the world. It’s customers include companies across verticals from high tech to transportation to clean energy, HR, education and more. Dialpad’s customers include well known brands such as Uber, Netflix, Betterment, Code42, Eventbrite, Hired, Huge, Instacart, Nextdoor, PagerDuty, Bitly, ClassPass, Pearlfisher, Reddit, Digital Reasoning, Crimson Hexagon, Dataminr, Pindrop, LogicMonitor, Postmates, Qubit, Quora, Stripe, PlanGrid, Tasting Table, TED, U.S. Security Associates, Vivint Solar and The Weather Channel.

“Together with Google G Suite, Dialpad gives our employees a better way to connect and collaborate, whether they're at home, in the office, or on the go,” said Jerod Lindblom, VP of IT at Code42. “Our IT strategy is all about partnering, enabling, and automating the business with cloud services and technologies. We want everyone to be able to work wherever, whenever. With Dialpad, our employees can do their jobs from any device.”

“Dialpad has the deepest integration with G Suite we've ever seen,” said Ashley Sprague, Head of IT at Quora. “As a lean IT team, we can't afford to spend time and resources on tedious legacy systems that require weeks to deploy. With Dialpad, we can provision users in an instant with the Google authentication integration. We've saved over 50 percent of the IT headcount previously needed to manage our telecommunications infrastructure.”

"At Hired, our goal is to support employees with cloud tools that enable them to work from anywhere," said Scott Schultz, Senior IT Manager at Hired. "Dialpad lets us kill the desk phone so teams can talk, text, make video calls, and meet online with customers and colleagues—no matter where they are."

At Qubit, everything depends on frictionless communication between our global offices," said Kyle Eve, Head of IT at Qubit. "Dialpad's deep integration with G Suite makes it easy for our teams to be productive across all their devices—no matter where they go. Thanks to the platform's pure-cloud architecture, we've eliminated desk phones, cut our costs, and are able to expand in minutes with a few clicks of Dialpad's interface.”

Dialpad’s Big Moves in 2016

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Dialpad is better communications wherever you work. It empowers today’s anywhere worker to talk, text, make video calls, and meet online with customers and colleagues on any device. Today, 35,000+ customers trust Dialpad, including Uber, Vivint Solar, Betterment, Motorola Solutions, Stripe, Postmates, Quora, Netflix, and 60 percent of the Fortune 500. Dialpad is funded by some of the world’s best recognized investors including Amasia, Andreessen Horowitz, Felicis Ventures, GV (formerly Google Ventures), Softbank and Work-Bench. To learn more about our mission to kill the desk phone, visit dialpad.com and follow @DialpadHQ on Twitter.

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