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Voice and Video for Education Providers

Business phone lines and video conferencing that keep campuses and districts connected and compliant.

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Why Education Providers Choose Dialpad + Dialpad Partners

  • Modern Campus Communications

    Implement a reliable and easy-to-use communications system that bridges the physical and virtual campus experience. Staff, faculty, and students across departments remain connected whether on or off-campus with emergency preparedness and system-wide notifications.

  • Enhanced Administrative Experiences with Robust Department Routing and Call Recording & Transcriptions

    Streamline administrative processes, facilitate staff collaboration, and improve student retention. Easily provision department routing and automatically capture call dialog with call transcriptions and recordings.

  • Optimal Virtual Meeting and Learning Experiences

    Enable virtual learning, tutoring, teaching observations, professional development, parent-teacher conferences, and administrative meetings—all from anywhere on any device.

  • Secure and Compliant Cloud Connectivity

    Dialpad enables FERPA/HIPAA compliance and provides encryption for communications in transit and data storage at rest. Please see dialpad.com/features/encryption for further details.

“We moved from hardly working from home to 100% work from home, and saw no loss of productivity related to phones.”

Communications System Manager, EF Education First