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Who Is Dialpad?

Built for the cloud, Dialpad is the only business phone system harnessing the power of AI to empower companies to get the most from calling, conferencing, and contact centers. The all-in-one platform is designed to fit every workstyle, helping people be more productive from anywhere and on any device. 7,000+ businesses worldwide trust Dialpad to deliver a unified communication and collaboration experience that delights.

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Why Law Firms Choose Dialpad

Trackable Conversations
With automatic call transcriptions powered by Voice Intelligence™, every conversation is tracked and accessible on the Dialpad platform. Every transcription includes key information such as:

  • Identified speakers
  • Call direction & timestamp
  • Audio playback (call recording)
  • Highlighted action items (ex: “I’ll email you after this call”)

Accessible Analytics
From 1:1 to a group meeting, call records are automatically captured and logged into Dialpad’s analytics platform with the ability to sort and filter by keyword, sentiment expressed, time or date, and even the individual who took the call.

Call records can be viewed within the Dialpad platform or exported to other existing systems for billable hour tracking and/or record keeping.

Secure Communications
No matter the type of call—conference or phone—Dialpad ensures that your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Additionally, with a role-based access model, teams can ensure that the right people have the right access (and others don’t). Learn more about Dialpad’s data protection and security practices.

Work from Anywhere

Why Dialpad?

  • Where Teams Come Together

    Whether you’re at a showing or on your way, agents have one central place to talk business with voice, messaging, and CRM integrations.

  • A Business Phone In Your Pocket

    Separate work from personal with mobile apps that offer flexible caller IDs, automatic contact syncing, and access to your team directory.

  • Make Every Conversation Count

    Nix note-taking and focus on your conversation with automatic call and transcript logging back to your CRM.

“I recognize that every company may face unique challenges in supporting the growing need to provide a seamless experience when working from home. Dialpad can help!”

Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad