Handle missed calls professionally, and access your messages easily with Dialpad’s flexible and intuitive voicemail system. We’ve reimagined voicemail for the modern worker, making it easier to setup, easier to retrieve messages, and easier to administer.


Dialpad provides every user with modern professional voicemail technology. It’s easy for individuals to set up, and message retrieval is a snap.

  • Voicemail: the same, but different

  • Setting up your greeting message

  • Retrieving your voicemail


Can I set different greeting messages for when I go on vacation?

Yes, you can save several personalized messages—like an out of office message—in your account and activate them as you need to.

Does voicemail work on all my devices?

You can retrieve and listen to messages across any device. However, voicemail setup must done by logging into your account through your web browser.

Does this feature cost more?

No. Voicemail is a standard business feature available to every user across all Dialpad plans.

Can I make sure that my calls are not routed to my normal cell voicemail?

Yes, with our forwarding prompt, you can push Dialpad calls back to your Dialpad voicemail instead of your personal device.

How do I listen to voicemails as they’re being recorded?

Check out this in-depth, technical FAQ on voicemail.

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