User Setup

Most small businesses struggle with the lengthy and complicated process of adding new users to its systems. Dialpad changes that with a user provisioning process that can be easily handled by virtually anyone from your IT person to your office manager. From one central place, you can add new users, assign them a phone number with area code, and establish their permissions. By syncing with Google G Suite or Office 365, your new user will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

User Setup

User setup is nearly instant. With a few clicks, new users have a new phone number, contacts and G Suite credentials synced, and are ready to start making calls and sending messages.

  • Near-zero effort

  • Instant syncing with your productivity suite

  • Desk phone? No problem


How long does it take to add/provision a new user?

On the administration side, most of our customers can add a new user to their Dialpad account in a few minutes tops. And because Dialpad is easy to use, new users are usually up and running extremely quickly.

How difficult is it to add new users?

Not difficult at all. Our easy-to-use administration portal makes provisioning users the easiest things you’ll do today.

Does adding more users cost anything?

It depends on your plan. Visit our plans page to learn more about cost per user.

Who can add new users?

Only the account administrator can add new users through the admin portal.

Only the account administrator can add new users through the admin portal.

Yes, you can always change a number and/or area code later if you need to.

How many users can you have on an account?

It depends on your plan type. However, it’s quite easy to move you to a different plan should you need to add more than your current one has.

My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I learn more?

Sign up for our monthly live Q and A webinar and ask your question there.

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