Three-Way Calling

Three heads are better than two. And Dialpad makes it easy to collaborate by adding a third person to your calls with built-in three-way calling. You’ll also have easy access to handy call controls that let you put callers on hold and transfer them without losing your other caller.

Three-Way Calling

Dialpad’s three-way calling feature lets you add a third party to your business calls and equips you with smart call controls like hold and transfer.

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  • How to set up a three-way call


Does three-way calling cost more?

No. Three-way calling is a standard business feature that’s available on all Dialpad plans.

Can you add more than one extra person to a three-way call?

No. You can only add one additional person to a live phone call. For meetings or conferences, you can use UberConference, which is built right into Dialpad.

How do I use three-way calling?

Visit this Help Center Article for full instructions on how to add a third party to your call.

How do I know if the third person is on the line?

All call participants will be listed under ‘Active Calls’.

What happens if I hang up on a three-way call?

If you prompted the three-way conversation, hanging up will disconnect all parties. If you did not prompt the three way call, the remaining callers may continue their conversation.

What other call controls do I have access to on a three-way call?

When all parties are live on the call, you can put them on hold, you can mute yourself, or you can transfer a caller to another number without hanging up on the other person on the call.

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