Dialpad’s status indicator is a quick and easy way to know if a coworker is busy, available, or away. This simple business function is automatically set when you’re in a meeting or a conference call, but can also be set and updated manually with a custom status.


The Status function lets other Dialpad users know when a team member is available, busy, or completely offline using a small color-coded indicator beside their Dialpad avatar.

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How do I make sure my status is set while I’m on a call or in a meeting?

If you’re using Dialpad to make the call or conduct the meeting, the status will automatically be set to ‘busy’. However, if you’re calling through a phone number outside of Dialpad, you will have to set your status manually by clicking ‘Set your status’ by your icon inside Dialpad.

Who can see my status?

Your status can only be seen by people within your organization.

How do I see other people’s status?

You’ll see someone’s custom status when you run a search, chat with them, or have them as a recent contact in your Dialpad sidebar.

How many different status types are there?

There are five different status types: Available (blue), on a call (red with phone icon), in an UberConference conference call (red with an U icon), Do Not Disturb (red with a strikethrough) and in a meeting (orange).

How do I set a custom status?

You can set a custom status by clicking ‘Set your status’ by your avatar, selecting one of the four options, or creating your own status.

What happens if I’m away, but I do not set my status?

Your status will show you as available unless your away time has been booked in your calendar.

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