Dialpad + Slack

Get work done on a single platform.

Dialpad + Slack

The Dialpad and Slack integration allows teams to ditch app toggling and work from one, central platform for their business communications.

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  • How It Works


What does the Dialpad + Slack integration offer?

The Dialpad + Slack integration offers teams an easier way to view and manage their Main Line, Department, or Call Center activity from a single platform. Once enabled, Dialpad teams using Slack can receive notifications for activities like when a call starts, is completed, or missed, when a voicemail is received, when a voicemail transcription is available, and when a text message is received.

Can I click to call within Slack?

Absolutely! Just click on the number listed in the notification to launch your Dialpad app.

Is this an added cost to my existing plan type?

Nope! The Dialpad + Slack integration is automatically offered as part of your Pro or Enterprise plan type. For other plan types, reach out to our sales team directly to learn about your upgrade options.

How will the notifications appear in Slack?

Once connected, you’ll see a notification card appear in your channel. Depending on the type of notification you’ve selected, your cards will display info like: type of notification (call answered in XYZ, completed call in XYZ), name of caller (if available), number of caller with the ability to click to call, and Operator or Agent that handled the call. In some cases (depending on the notification type) we’ll thread notifications to keep the same call details together.

Can we push notifications for direct user lines?

Not at this time. For now, the integration works with your shared lines like your Main Line, Departments, or Call Centers.

My question wasn’t answered here—where can I go to learn more?

Our Help Center is always a great source of product knowledge. We also offer a community forum for customers to engage, connect, and learn together. You’ll find the link right on our Help Center, including a Contact Us page to reach out to support.

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