Dialpad and Salesforce

Get better customer insights and turn leads into sales sooner with Dialpad and the world’s most popular CRM—Salesforce. From faster dialing to creating smoother customer experiences that build trust and rapport, small and medium businesses now have access to powerful tools that other business phone systems can only dream of offering. Please note: Integrations with Salesforce are only available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

Dialpad and Salesforce

Create a smarter workflow for your sales team and a better buying experience for your customers with the Salesforce integration.

  • Salesforce for Dialpad

  • Dialpad for Salesforce Classic

  • Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning

  • Dialpad for Salesforce1


What does the Salesforce integration do?

Essentially, it puts some of the most-used Salesforce features into Dialpad, and puts some of the most-used Dialpad features into Salesforce.

Does the Salesforce integration cost more?

No, the feature is included in all Dialpad Pro and Enterprise plans. However, you must also be a Salesforce Enterprise customer.

Does the Salesforce integration work across all of my devices?

Yes, this integration works on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop or desktop computer.

How do I use Salesforce for Dialpad?

It’s an easy to use integration. Visit this Help Center article to learn more about using Salesforce for Dialpad.

What Salesforce data does this integration offer in Dialpad?

You can see the contact’s name, title, activity, as well as the activity history. You can also log an activity right inside Dialpad without toggling to Salesforce.

What’s the difference between Classic vs Salesforce for Dialpad?

We outline the differences in this Help Center article.

My question about the Salesforce wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to learn more?

We’ve written a few different in-depth FAQs, depending on what version of Salesforce you’re using: Salesforce for Dialpad FAQs, Use Dialpad for Salesforce Classic FAQs, Dialpad + Salesforce1 FAQs, and Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning FAQs.

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