Room Phones

A room phone in a shared office area can help you deliver better customer service and make it easy to conduct day to day business. Dialpad allows you to add room phones (in addition to desk phones) to shared spaces easily. These are lines that are dedicated to specific spaces rather than individuals that make it easy to take and make calls from a phone with basic business features.

Room Phones

Add a physical room phone with a separate line to shared spaces like reception and meeting rooms and make it easier to deliver outstanding customer experiences and have productive meetings.

  • Better customer service and meetings

  • Easy set up and administration

Can callers dial in to a specific room phone?

Yes, All room phones are given a separate line with a dedicated phone number so that incoming calls can be answered on that phone.

Can I transfer calls to another team member from a room phone?

Yes, all Dialpad-compatible phones include the ability to transfer calls to other extensions within the company

Can I <a href="">transfer a call</a> from a team member to a room phone?

Yes. Once the phone is added, the room phone’s name will appear within your company directory.

Do room phones use other Dialpad integrations?

No. Because room phones are separate dedicated lines they do not require or use any of the integrations that are available in Dialpad.

What phones can be used as room phones?

You find the list of compatible phones here.

Can room phones be removed or changed?

Yes. Room phones can be added, removed, and moved within the admin portal.

What happens when someone dials a room phone number but no one answers?

That depends on how you have your company’s call routing set up. Go here to learn more about Call Routing.

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