Instantly see your contact’s professional details and your shared contacts with Dialpad’s LinkedIn integration. With just a click, Dialpad will open a browser window and send you directly to your contact’s full LinkedIn page. It’s a great way to learn a bit more about the professional you’re speaking with.


Instantly see your contacts’ key LinkedIn profile details—like title and contacts in common—right inside your Dialpad call window.

  • Know Your Team

  • Setting up the LinkedIn integration

  • Using the LinkedIn integration

  • Removing the LinkedIn integration


What does the LinkedIn integration do?

It provides Dialpad users with a link to their contacts’ LinkedIn profile within a conversation window, making it easy to learn a bit about the professional they’re speaking with.

Does the integration cost more?

No the LinkedIn integration is a standard feature that’s available across all plans from Free to Enterprise

Does this integration work on all devices?

Currently, the LinkedIn integration is only available on desktop and laptop computers.

How do I enable the LinkedIn integration?

It’s easy. Just follow the steps outlined in this help article.

Can I disable the integration?

Yes you can disable it if it’s not something that’s relevant to your business or important to your teams. Follow the steps outlined here.

Can my contacts see my LinkedIn information?

If you have your LinkedIn profile connected to Dialpad and the contact you’re speaking with is also a Dialpad user using the LinkedIn integration, then yes, they have access to your publicly available LinkedIn information.

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