International Offices

Quickly and easily spin up new offices anywhere in the world.

International Offices

Quickly and easily spin up international offices and enjoy crystal clear cloud communications from virtually anywhere. Administration is easy you’ll keep all your offices connected on one platform.

  • Spin up new offices quickly

  • Better international calling

  • Simple remote administration


How many international offices can I have per account?

Dialpad Pro lets you add up to 10 offices. However, the Dialpad Enterprise plan has unlimited offices. See our plans page for more details.

How many users can I have in each international office?

There are no limitations on how many users can exist in each international office.

Can any user set up an international office in Dialpad?

No. Only account administrators can set up additional locations and offices.

Do long distance rates apply between international offices?

No. Any Dialpad to Dialpad call is free regardless of location, even if the parties are in different organizations.

Can I restrict my international employees from using some features of Dialpad, such as international calling?

Yes, your admin can access the settings for all of your employees worldwide.

Can I have calls rerouted from between my offices worldwide?

Yes, using our Transfer a Call feature, you can instantly send a call to a team member anywhere in the world.

Can I transfer a call to an international employee?

Yes, our call transfer feature works internationally.

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