G Suite for Dialpad

Collaborate across all of your Google G Suite productivity apps including Docs, Sheets, and Slides right inside of Dialpad. Integration with Google G Suite puts productivity first and makes the administration of Dialpad and everyone using it easy.

G Suite for Dialpad

The G Suite integration puts your contacts, relevant documents, calendar events, and emails right inside Dialpad. It makes setup easy, and provides you with important, in-context info at a glance.

  • G Suite means productivity

  • Your calendar in Dialpad

  • Setup and administration

  • Ongoing contact sync


What does the G Suite integration offer?

The G Suite integration has many benefits. For the end user, it’s access to important emails and documents right inside Dialpad. For the administrator, it makes onboarding, team and user creation, and ongoing management simple and fast.

Does the G Suite integration cost more?

No there is no cost to for the G Suite integration. However, you must be a G Suite user/customer to use the integration inside Dialpad.

Does the G Suite integration work on all devices?

Yes, the integration features are available across all of your devices including mobile.

Do you offer any other integrations with productivity suites?

Yes. We currently have a Microsoft Office 365 integration as well.

Can I customize which integrations I can see in my sideboard profile?

Yes. The Dialpad account administrator can control which integrations are available.

Is the G Suite integration secure?

Absolutely. We take your business’s security as seriously as our own. While you're giving Dialpad access to your business’s accounts, it is only so that our software can make the API call for the sync and display.

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