Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb stops incoming calls across your Main Line, Departments, and of course, all individually connected devices. Whether the whole company is out of office or you’re an individual team member that wants to disconnect from work, Do Not Disturb makes it possible with just a click.

Do Not Disturb

Stop message notifications, send calls straight to voicemail, and let your team members know that you’re not available to chat with Dialpad’s easy-to-use Do Not Disturb feature.

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Can I activate Do Not Disturb on every device?

Yes. You can activate DND on any of your devices.

Do I need to activate Do Not Disturb on each of my devices individually? Or will it be automatically set on all of them?

Once you turn Do Not Disturb on for one device, it’s automatically set on all of them. The same applies to toggling the feature off.

What happens to incoming calls while Do Not Disturb is activated?

Incoming calls will be sent directly to voicemail and you will be see a notification in your Dialpad dashboard.

What happens to texts while Do Not Disturb is activated?

You’ll see a notification for any unread text messages in app or within the dashboard once you turn deactivate Do Not Disturb.

What happens if I forget to deactivate Do Not Disturb?

When DND is active, you will see an always-on red notification in all of your Dialpad apps. You may also set a timer so that Do Not Disturb deactivates after a certain length of time. So if Do Not Disturb is activated, you’ll know.

Does Do Not Disturb cost anything?

No. DND is a standard Dialpad feature and included in all of our plans.

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