Dialpad Chrome Extension

Make calls from your web browser with just a click. The Dialpad Chrome extension, also called the ‘click-to-call’ feature, allows you to click on phone numbers within your browser window and have that call launch within the Dialpad desktop app. It’s the fastest way to call numbers from your web browser. And it saves you from the task and distraction of toggling back and forth between Dialpad and the browser you’re using.

Dialpad Chrome Extension

The Dialpad Chrome extension puts basic Dialpad calling functionality and controls right in your web browser so you can make calls with just a click. No toggling back and forth between applications.

  • Quit toggling. Start calling.

  • How the Chrome extension works


How does the Chrome extension work?

The Chrome extension works by making any phone number within your web browser clickable. Once clicked, the extension prompts you to launch the call in Dialpad. This prevents you from having to memorize and/or cut and paste the number before calling.

Does the Chrome extension cost anything?

No. The Chrome extension is absolutely free for all Dialpad users.

How do I install the Chrome extension?

You can install the extension in just a few clicks. Simply go the the Google Chrome web store and click ‘Add to browser’ in the top right corner.

How do I delete the Chrome extension?

Not using it? Simply right click the icon in your browser window and click “Remove from Chrome”.

Does the Chrome extension work on all my devices?

Currently, the Dialpad Chrome extension is only available for the desktop app.

My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I learn more about the Chrome extension?

We’ve written live weekly Q and A session.

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