Company Directory

The Dialpad Company Directory makes communicating with your team easy by allowing you to quickly search for and connect with anyone in your company. You can then click their name and send them a message, start a meeting, or call them. It’s everyone you work with at your fingertips.

Company Directory

The Company Directory contains the name and business phone number of every employee using Dialpad in your organization, so you can easily look them up and send them a message or call them.

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How many people can be stored in the Company Directory?

The Company Directory can store as many user profiles as your organization requires.

Does this feature cost more?

No. The Company Directory is a standard feature that’s available across all plan types, regardless of if you’re a small business of three people or an organization of three thousand people.

Can I use the Company Directory on all my devices?

Yes, the Company Directory is available across all the devices that are connected to Dialpad.

Is everyone from my company on the Dialpad Company Directory?

As long as they’re a Dialpad user, they’ll be searchable and reachable through the Company Directory.

Is the Company Directory the only place to find company contacts within Dialpad?

No. You can also search for contacts using their first or last name in the search field. Or, if you’ve recently contacted that person through Dialpad, they’ll be listed in your Recent Contacts.

Where can I learn more about the Company Directory or managing user accounts?

We created this helpful FAQ if you wish to look deeper into this topic.

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