Make crystal-clear business calls from any device with Dialpad’s cloud-based communications platform. Whether you’re at your desk on your laptop, on the go with your smartphone, or working remotely on your tablet, Dialpad provides you with the ability to take and make calls with the clarity, reliability, and familiarity of a traditional desk phone.


Make high-quality HD business calls from any device—your laptop, tablet, or smartphone—thanks to Dialpad’s modern cloud-based communications platform.

  • Cloud calling changes everything

  • How calling on the cloud works

  • Modern technology, more flexibility


Do you have to pay more for calling?

No. Calling is a standard feature in every Dialpad plan. However, some long distance charges may apply outside of the United States and Canada.

What about long distance calling?

Dialpad lets you call anywhere in Canada and the United States. for free. Our international rates are some of the lowest in the industry.

Can all of my devices make calls with Dialpad?

Yes—as long as your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet have the Dialpad app and an internet connection.

Can I use Dialpad to call a landline number?

Absolutely. Dialpad lets you call any phone number on any network including all cellular and PSTN lines.

Why use Dialpad to make calls when I have my own phone number?

Most small to medium businesses use Dialpad as an office phone system to keep their business number and their personal numbers separate. This is especially important as businesses grow. Dialpad also offers numerous other business features that personal lines do not.

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