Caller ID

Dialpad provides easy and flexible Caller ID functionality and administration for small businesses.

Caller ID

Give your agents and operators the ability to select the line they wish to call from—your main line, a specific department, or their own personal Dialpad extension.

  • Incoming call from Customer Service

  • How Caller ID works

  • Caller ID administration features


Does Caller ID cost anything?

No. Caller ID is a standard small business feature and is available on every Dialpad plan.

Are all Caller ID functions available on all Dialpad plans?

Most are. In the case of Dialpad FREE, some administration functions are not available.

Does Caller ID work on all my devices?

Yes. You will see Caller ID data on every device you have that is connected to Dialpad.

What if I don’t want the person I’m calling to see my number?

No problem. You can choose to hide your Caller ID data for individual calls.

Can I control which Caller ID info teams and individual users have access to?

Absolutely. As an administrator, you may allow or restrict access to certain Department or Main Line numbers as you wish.

Will a call recipient see my name with my Caller ID info?

Your name will only appear if you are calling someone within your own organization.

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