Call Recording

With the ability to record both inbound and outbound calls—both individually and company-wide—you’ll be able to create records of important conversations, gain the insights you need to improve customer service, and even comply with regional legislation and compliance matters.

Call Recording

Improve customer service, increase security, and share important details with call participants

  • Record your business conversations for later

  • So, how does call recording work?

  • When to use Call Recording

  • Call Recording and privacy


Do you have to pay more for Call Recording?

No. This is a standard business feature that’s available to all Dialpad plans at no extra charge.

Does this feature work across all my devices?

Yes, this feature can be used everywhere that you have access to the Dialpad interface.

How large are the MP3 files?

The size of the file depends on the length of the call, but MP3 files don’t take up a large amount of space.

How long do the files stay in my inbox?

Forever, unless you decide to delete them manually.

Can I send the recordings to other agents and operators?

Yes. Just download the file and attach it to an email.

Can I enable Call Recording across my company?

Yes. You can learn more about how to activate Call Recording company-wide here.