Bring Your Own Device

Dialpad lives in the cloud, so there is no expensive hardware to buy or lease. Dialpad is simply downloaded to the mobile phone, laptop, and/or tablet that your business or your employees already own. That’s going to help you drastically lower your communications costs, ensure that your team is using the important communications tools available to them, and that you have the latest, most-up-to-date technology available.

Bring Your Own Device

Dialpad exists on the devices you and your team already own and use every day. So there’s no new hardware to buy or lease, no infrastructure to maintain, and no IT team required to manage it all.

  • Low-to-no cost to you

  • High adoption

  • The latest technology in your hands


What does BYOD stand for?

t stands for ‘Bring Your Own Device’. It’s an industry standard term for modern platforms that allow workers to use their own personal devices instead of company-mandated ones.

Does it cost more to BYOD?

Not usually. Workers use their own personal mobile devices alongside their company-issued computers, so there isn’t often an additional cost.

What if someone on my team doesn’t own their own smartphone or a tablet?

Dialpad can still be used on their laptop or desktop computer. Furthermore, you can also use a standard desk phone. Go here to see compatible models.

What devices is Dialpad compatible with?

Dialpad is compatible with all modern Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices. Go here to see version compatibility.

My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I find out more about Bring Your Own Device platforms?

Join our weekly live Q and A session and ask your question there.

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