Dialpad + Zendesk

Build stronger customer relationships from the first phone call to the last ticket with voice, video, messages, and meetings from anywhere.

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Introducing Zendesk + Dialpad, the native integration that creates happier agents and lasting customer relationships. 

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Happy Agents,
Happy Customers

With Dialpad for Zendesk, teams can make or receive calls directly in Zendesk, including click-to-call. As team members receive new calls, new tickets are automatically generated, so agents can focus their time on the most important asset—your customers.

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Get your Apps Talking

Some things just work better together. Like your business phone system and customer service platform. With Zendesk inside Dialpad, agents can create, submit, and view Zendesk tickets all from one central interface.

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Turn Agents into Experts

Combining Zendesk + Call Centers means one platform for calls, messages, and tickets. Plus, with agent coaching tools like listen in, agents are always equipped with the right answer right when they need it. 

The platform’s features are constantly evolving. We don’t have to plan for anything.

— Aspi Havewala, Director of Digital Innovation at Motorola Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for the Zendesk integration?

Dialpad for Zendesk is available on the app marketplace to users with our Pro or Enterprise plans. Agents will also need to be on Zendesk Talk Partner Edition.

How does the Dialpad in Zendesk integration work?

With Dialpad in Zendesk, agents are able to place and receive Dialpad calls straight in Zendesk. New tickets are automatically generated, with voicemails and recordings automatically logged to each ticket.

How does the Zendesk for Dialpad integration work?

With Zendesk for Dialpad, as agents receive calls, Dialpad will search through your contacts to match and display contextual customer information while on your active call. During active calls, agents will be able to view, open, and update incident reports directly within their Dialpad desktop or mobile app.

More Features

Three-Way Calling

Add a third caller without interruption.

Company Directory

Easily access your entire company directory from any device.

Reply By Text

Text reply instantly to calls as they come in.

Visual Voicemail

Get voicemail notifications and transcriptions straight to your inbox.

Do Not Disturb

Automatically send calls to your voicemail when you’re busy.


Send a fax in seconds from your desktop without a fax machine.

Call Recording

Record any conversation for note taking, accurate quoting, and safer information storage.

Call Screening

With enhanced caller insights, you'll have more context to help you decide whether to take a call.

Call Waiting

Easily see who's calling and place the first call on hold while answering the second.

Simultaneous Ringing

Ring multiple people and multiple devices at once so you never miss an opportunity.

Exec Admin Capabilities

We've made it simple and efficient for executive admins to manage communications.

Instant Messaging

Chat with colleagues and customers on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Real-Time Analytics

View communication patterns by individual, by department, or across the company.


Quickly see who's available and who's not and let people know when you're busy.

Simultaneous Chat & Messaging

Receive an instant message or text on up to five of your devices.

Localized Phone Numbers

Provide a consistent calling experience for each international office.

Virtual Attendant & IVR

Streamline customer experiences and ensure no call is left unanswered.

Call Logging

Keep track of all inbound and outbound calls.

Customer Greetings & Music

Control the greetings and music that match your business's personality.

Call Operators

Set teams up for success with multiple operators managing each department line.

International Calling

International calling rates with Dialpad are some of the lowest in the industry.

Custom Abbreviated Dialing

Easily set up custom abbreviated dialing for teams, departments, or locations.

Web Portal Management

Control your entire business phone system through an intuitive online management portal.




Per user per month.

Zero Desk
Phones Required

Unlimited Calls.
Unlimited Texts.
One System for
the Entire Company.