ServiceNow and Call Centers

Combining ServiceNow and Dialpad Contact Center provides your teams with a single, convenient platform for calls, messages, and service tickets. Additionally, with a real-time dashboard and service level alerts, you're never left scrambling to route callers to the right agent.

Integrate Your Workflows

ServiceNow is natively integrated with Dialpad, so support center agents can open and submit incident reports without ever leaving their active call. All of the ServiceNow functionality require to do their job is right there in front of them, inside Dialpad.

Automatic call logging, voicemails, recordings, and agent notes are all stored in place that's easy to find, so your teams will always have the information and data they need at their fingertips.

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Features & Functionalities

No Context Switching

Access the core functionality of ServiceNow inside Dialpad and avoid the confusion of context switching.

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Automatic Tickets

You can have a new service ticket created automatically for every incoming call.

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Data Congruence

You can easily launch ServiceNow from within your Unresolved Tickets in Dialpad.

Ease of Use

Effortlessly toggle between brands, mark the impact level, and add any additional details as needed.

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Ease of Implementation

No change in existing IT infrastructure is required and there is minimal change to end user behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for the ServiceNow Integration?

ServiceNow for Dialpad is available on the ServiceNow store to users with Dialpad's Pro or Enterprise plans.

How does the Dialpad and ServiceNow Integration work? 

ServiceNow is natively integrated within Dialpad. As agents receive calls, Dialpad will search through your contacts to match and display contextual customer information while on your active call. During active calls, agents will be able to view, open, and update incident reports directly within their Dialpad desktop or mobile app.

Will incoming calls also be logged in ServiceNow?

Yes. With the integration enabled, all new incoming Dialpad calls will be logged in ServiceNow.

Does the ServiceNow Integration cost anything?

No, the integration is free in Dialpad. However, you will need to be an existing ServiceNow customer in order to use it.

How do I enable the ServiceNow Integration?

You can learn more about the Dialpad ServiceNow Integration and how to enable it here.