What Is Front?

Front is a business application that helps you and your teammates manage shared inboxes with ease. It instantly routes messages to the right person without complicated threads and allows everyone on your team to collaborate on email, SMS, live chat, and more. Front provides a simple and straightforward way to manage work communication so your team can deliver a better customer experience and get more done together. 

Dialpad + Front

The Dialpad Front Integration puts the Dialpad platform at your fingertips and allows you to make and receive calls right from your Front inbox. With the ability to call with just one click, you can get back to customers faster and make the most of every conversation. 

Dialpad Front Integration

Why Integrate Dialpad and Front?

Switching between different applications at work can slow you down, and every minute matters when it comes to resolving a customer issue or  following up with a lead. Connecting Dialpad and Front streamlines your communication with your leads and customers and makes it easy for you to respond across all the ways they want to reach out: email, SMS, live chat, or over the phone. With the Dialpad Front integration, you can   

    • Create calls directly from Front and save time from switching between apps 
    • Create a recent and frequent contact list in Front so you can access the information you need quickly 
    • Adjust ID and make changes in Front as the integration will automatically sync between the two platforms 
    • Clear your inbox faster and delight your customers with quick turnaround
    • Instantly connect with customers, build stronger relationships, and deliver a better customer experience with sales and support over the phone

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I sign up for the Front Integration?

    The Dialpad integration is available in the Front app directory for Dialpad customers with our Pro or Enterprise plans. Customers will also need to be on the Front Plus, Pro, or Enterprise plans.

    Does the Front Integration cost anything?

    Nope! As long as you have compatible Dialpad and Front plans, there is no added cost for this integration.

    Can I click-to-call within Front?

    Sure thing! The Dialpad app automatically makes any phone numbers in the conversations within your Front inbox clickable, so you can quickly call customers back.

    Does the Front Integration work across all devices?

    Currently, this integration is only available for Front’s desktop or web apps

    Which call controls do I have access to inside of Front when using this integration?

    You’ll have access to all of your basic call controls including call recording, call muting, call holding, call transfer, and more.