Voice Intelligence (Vi) Best Practice Guide

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Table of Contents
    Table of Contents


      When it comes to combining AI with your conversations (or what we call Voice Intelligence (Vi™), ) the sky’s the limit. From automating manual processes to reminding you what was committed on a call (and by who), Dialpad’s Vi is here to help you save time, give your productivity a boost, and even help ramp those newer support agents or sales reps.

      Nix The Note-Taking

      Challenge: Keeping up with manual notes
      In a recent study of office workers, 74% of respondents reported having more than five apps open at once—16% have 15 or more apps open at the same time.

      Point is, focusing on what you need to and ignoring what you don’t is getting increasingly harder. And when it comes to trying to capture everything that was said on a call, it’s nearly impossible to capture every detail without losing track or worse, jotting down the wrong info.

      Solution: Automatic Call Transcriptions
      Not only do you get a record of what was said, but by nixing note-taking you can focus on the conversation at hand.

      Following Up On To-Dos

      Challenge: Keeping Track of Action Items
      While it may be tempting to try to check off more than one to-do at a time, recent studies show that multitasking can have negative effects —including a 40% drop in productivity.

      And if you’re doing it on a call (which the same study reports that 57% of us are), it’s nearly impossible to remember what next steps were said, and by whom, along with other important details.

      Solution: Post-Call Summaries
      Dialpad offers a solution that allows users to focus on single-tasking while next steps are being captured for them.

      With Vi post-call summaries, your entire conversation is automatically surfaced to you,
      complete with:

        • Full transcription with speaker separation
        • Embedded keywords search
        • Call moments categorized and highlighted (ex: actions items like committing to a deadline)
        • Audio playback with the ability to skip ahead
        • Contact details including timestamp, caller ID, and duration
        • Share link

        Breaking Through Silos

        Challenge: Workplace silos make it hard to collaborate
        If you feel like your team isn’t working as one, you’re not alone. According to one Queens University survey of employees, 39% of respondents felt their teams weren’t collaborating enough.

        Team collaboration is more than simply asking about weekend plans. It’s passing along candidate feedback between recruiter and hiring manager, sharing buying intentions between sales and marketing to align campaigns, or understanding why customers are upset and how to best address it.

        Solution: Call analytics & keyword searches
        Even the best team can fall victim to siloed conversations (especially when they’re trying to juggle
        too many tasks).

        Let’s say you’ve just kicked off a new social campaign to drive trial requests.

        With call analytics and keyword search, your marketing team can filter and pull all calls where the campaign was mentioned with access to a complete transcript of what the conversation entailed.

        Coaching At Scale

        Challenge: No way to scale coaching efforts in real-time
        You've got newer support agents or sales reps on the phones without any way to guide them through those tough moments...that is, unless you're willing to be pulled in 10 different directions at once.

        There's just no scalable way to coach your team right in the moment of that call, not with agents or reps spread out across the office (or globe). And while post-call coaching is important, it does nothing to help save that opportunity or calm that customer when the call is actually happening.

        Solution: Real-Time Assist for the win
        Managers can build out real-time assist cards that offer up recommendations for both agents and reps based on keyword triggers said by either caller, agent/rep, or both.

        Think of the most common FAQs or biggest hurdles to jump when your team's new to help populate your cards. JumpCrew ended up slashing their rep's ramp time in half when they implemented RTAs.

        Need a little more guidance? We got you covered—check out some tips on RTAs in our help center.

        Finding The Right Solution

        While we’ve identified a few different high-level solutions within this guide, you should think about the departments within your own team and how they can leverage Vi to solve their specific challenges.

        Plus aligning your use case with the right Vi solution ensures higher rates of engagement and adoption. Here are a few examples to get you started:

        No way to tie sales or support conversations with active campaigns or demand gen initiatives?

        Call analytics and keyword searches allow the user to filter by a specific parameter (ex: campaign name or specific keyword) to review the transcript, the sentiment, and any action items.

        Executive Assistant
        No central place to keep a log of conversations between assistant and exec in addition to any calls made on exec’s behalf?

        Call transcriptions are automatically generated during and post-call and are stored within Dialpad for quick access.

        Hard to keep up with phone screens and sharing insights in a timely manner?

        Post call summaries not only capture the conversation with clear speaker separation but include highlighted moments and the ability to quickly and easily share the entire conversation with the rest of your team and/or hiring manager.

        Learn More

        While we think the benefits of Vi are pretty great, we get that not everyone on your team is going to be sold day one. That’s why we suggest taking a smaller group of people and letting them test out features at first (sales and/or support teams are great groups as they’re on the phone the most).

        Additionally, sharing resources around Vi can help ease concerns around the new technology. We'd suggest checking out the following: