Sales Dialer

Whether it is an outbound call center or an inside sales unit, high velocity sales teams often rely on intelligent sales tools like a sales dialer to help reps connect with more leads. Here's an overview of what a sales dialer is and what it can do.

What is a Sales Dialer

If you’ve been evaluating sales software or if you’ve been a sales rep yourself, chances are high that you’ve seen a sales dialer. In its simplest definition, a sales dialer is a kind of technology that allows people to dial a number without necessarily having to manually enter a phone number on a keypad. Sales dialers are essential to every sales organization. With this modern technology, sales reps are able to contact more prospects more efficiently.

How Does a Sales Dialer Work

One of the most common ways sales dialers work is called click to dial. The way it works is when a phone number is listed on a contact or lead in a CRM - Salesforce, for example - a sales rep is able to simply click on the phone number to start the call. This saves reps time they would’ve spent on manually entering phone numbers on a keypad. With the time saved, reps can call more prospects faster, potentially increasing their chances of connecting with prospects, setting up more meetings, and closing more deals. 

Another popular form of a sales dialer is known as a power dialer. After creating a prospect list of contacts or leads in a CRM like Salesforce, the power dialer will automatically call prospects in the list, instead of the rep clicking to dial each individual number. This functionality drives more efficiency than a click to dial sales dialer because of the automatic calling to the next phone number on the list. Reps don’t have to waste time clicking each contact or lead phone number. Power dialers automate prospect call lists, ultimately helping the rep increase call volume.

Why Are Sales Dialer Useful

A sales dialer is not just a nice-to-have, but rather it is an essential part of the sales tech stack. Sales leaders want their reps to use their time efficiently, and sales dialers definitely help the reps to make the most of their prospect outreach strategy.

  1. Efficient calling & activity tracking all within the CRM: Dialers provide an easy, one step click to dial process to make a call without manually entering in numbers. Because dialers usually live within a CRM like Salesforce, the call can be easily made and then recorded in the same place. There’s no need to memorize phone numbers from different apps and place them into Salesforce. By having the phone number on the contact or lead record in Salesforce and the click to dial functionality, sales reps can quickly call their prospects and record their calling activity all in one place.
  2. Higher call volume in less time: Voice is a critical part of a sales rep’s success. The ability to call more prospects in a shorter amount of time means reps can have more chances to connect with prospects every day. The higher the chances of connecting, the more likely reps book meetings, and ultimately move deals forward. Sales dialers help sales reps make the most out of their voice strategy by driving high volume, efficient cold calling.

How to Choose Sales Dialer Software

Not all sales dialers are made the same. This can make it difficult to know which one will be the best for your organization. From simple click to dial functionality to more robust automation found with power dialers, sales dialers drive calling efficiency in different ways. When deciding between sales dialer providers, consider the following:

  1. Integration with your CRM: Select a Sales Dialer that integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot. When the telephony is built into the CRM, it will help to make the workflow of contacting prospects simple and straightforward. With one click in their CRM, sales reps can easily call their contacts or leads without manually dialing. A deep integration with a CRM also means reps can log notes while on the call all from one central place.
  2. Voice Quality via Your Telephony System: A sales dialer can only provide value for sales teams if it consistently connects reps to prospects with high quality voice. If an organization has a sales dialer but a phone provider with poor call quality, the sales dialer can’t drive an efficient calling process. Ensure that the telephone system the sales dialer is build into can deliver exceptional, high quality voice and with a consistently stable connection. This means when reps click to dial in their CRM, they can be consistently connected with their prospects. Less dropped calls means more productive conversations with potential buyers.
  3. AI Features: Sales dialers with AI feature provide extra convenience and efficiency. AI features such as Voice Intelligence not only helps sales reps click to dial prospects in their CRM, but provide a real-time transcript of the conversation as well. In addition, after the call ends, important moments from the conversation are highlighted, and next steps are extracted from the transcript and placed at the top of the call summary. Because the transcript is keyword searchable, reps can easily look up parts of the call they need. This empowers reps to have a written and searchable record of conversations to look back on.