A key feature guide on digging into your call data

Analyzing Your Call Insights

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Table of Contents
    Table of Contents


      No data = no decisions. We recognize that it’s not the devil that’s in the details—it’s the answer to common challenges that businesses face every day, from ramping reps to upping their CX game.

      Managers can leverage Dialpad's call analytics to access metrics on call volume, leaderboards, and moments happening across the team while uncovering what’s trending with customers through targeted keyword and transcription searches.

      Search, Filter, Find

      Managers can filter their search results for a variety of data points, including:

      • Users & Groups (ex: West Coast Support; John Smith)
      • Date and time range
      • Call duration (max and min)
      • Keywords (agent side, customer side, both)
      • Moments (agent side, customer side, both)

      You'll be able to apply multiple filters to your search criteria, giving you a clearer picture of activity as well as answering questions around call volumes.

      Consider adding in keyword searches to really dig into the details—how many times was a specific competitor mentioned in the last 30 days? Are there patterns emerging over time?

      You'll be able to search and track info like this (and more) when you chart keywords and moments.

      Charting Calls, Keywords & Moments

      Your analytics page will chart out a variety of different data points for you. Let's highlight just a few of the options available.

      Total Calls
      On the Total Calls tab, managers can access:

      • Visual graph of total call data
      • Call breakdown by type (placed, missed, abandoned, etc.)
      • Calling habits & device usage (ex: cell phone vs desktop app)


      On the Moments tab, managers can access:

      • Visual graph of moment occurrence over time
      • Top and/or filtered moments
      • Team leaderboard with stats (agent side, caller side)

      On the keywords tab, managers can access:

      • Visual graph of keyword occurrences over time
      • Notable and/or filtered keywords
      • Team leaderboard with stats (agent side, caller side)
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      Dialpad Dictionary | Moments
      A specific emotion expressed during the call—ex: “I’ll email that over” would trigger an action item moment.

      Call History

      Have a set of calls that need a closer look? Toggle over to Call List to see the filtered call history specific to your search terms.

      Keep in mind that search terms can include things like date or time, specific line (like Sales or Support), or even a list of calls for a specific user only our team (will require admin permission, though).

      With Call Lists, managers can access:

      • Basic call info (recipient, target, timestamp, date)
      • Voicemails and recordings (where applicable)
      • Vi call summary with embedded transcript, moments, and audio playback
      • Agent screen recording via screen capture (available on Dialpad Support)

      Leveraging Analytics By Team

      Helpful Links

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