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Drizly sells and services like never before with Dialpad

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« Nous pouvons désormais suivre nos performances et nos conversations, et mieux comprendre notre activité. »
Dana Hansen
Gestion de compte

Drizly est la plus grande plateforme d'e-commerce au monde spécialisée dans la vente d'alcool, et le lieu idéal pour acheter de la bière, du vin et des spiritueux en ligne. L'entreprise offre un vaste choix et des prix compétitifs, ainsi qu'un contenu personnalisé.

Before Dialpad, Drizly’s account management and sales team were using their personal cell phones on calls with prospects and customers. “We had no way of tracking our conversations,” said Dana Hansen. “There was no call privacy and we were not able to transfer calls internally.”

Dana and his team work directly with retail partners to help maximize their success on Drizly’s platform, as well as liaise between Drizly’s retail partners and the rest of the company. As Dana was looking for a new VoIP solution, he decided to try out Dialpad. “The support provided during the trial phase won us over. The Dialpad team worked really hard to make sure we were set up correctly and that all of our issues were solved quickly. They were fantastic.”

This led the Drizly team to purchase Dialpad Sell and Dialpad Meetings. “The seamless Salesforce integration was a really big factor for us, and the onboarding process was very easy,” adds Dana. 

salesforce dialpad integration

“Dialpad did a great job solving our issues, walking us through setup and checking in with us on a regular basis. I really appreciated the weekly check-ins to make sure we were doing ok and to follow up on any outstanding issues.”

Today, Dialpad supports all of Drizly’s phone lines across three departments: sales, onboarding, and account management. All Dialpad users at Drizly also take advantage of Dialpad’s mobile phone app:

making a phone call through dialpad's desktop and mobile app

“The mobile functionality was a big priority for our sales teams as they prefer to work off their cell phones,” said Dana. “Between that, the integration with Salesforce, the analytics dashboard, the ‘do not disturb’/business hours feature, along with being able to switch between multiple devices, Dialpad is the ideal business communications platform for us.”

flipping a call between devices using dialpad

Drizly est maintenant équipé de tout ce dont il a besoin pour vendre et servir efficacement ses clients. « Que pouvons-nous faire de plus aujourd'hui grâce à Dialpad ? Tout ! », déclare Dana. « Nous pouvons désormais suivre nos performances et nos conversations, et mieux comprendre notre activité. »

« La fonctionnalité mobile était une priorité majeure pour nos équipes commerciales, car elles préfèrent travailler depuis leur téléphone portable. »
Dana Hansen
Gestion de compte