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Be honest, the last meeting you went to... It wasn’t worth it, was it? It’s okay, you can admit it.

The (sort of) good news is you’re not alone in feeling that way. Online scheduling tool Doodle recently released its study where they uncovered that not only did unproductive meetings cost US businesses $399 billion in 2019 but that the most often cited consequences of poorly organized meetings were unclear action items leading to confusion (43%) and bad organization results in a loss of focus on projects (38%).

Yeah, that’s not great. And as businesses start to more seriously reconsider their approach to meetings (could this have just been a Slack?), options that were “nice to haves” suddenly become necessary—like artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence, exactly?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can come in many different shapes and forms, so it’s best for us to quickly define what we’re talking about.

AI can include:

Dialpad’s AI technology (Voice Intelligence™) includes machine learning, natural language processing, and speech recognition which means phone calls and meetings can be transcribed automatically, action items can be pulled out and highlighted, and next steps can be shared with everyone at the same time.

Why adding AI could be the best thing for your meetings

It keeps track of what was said

Let’s talk about how much people hate taking notes. Like, really hate it. And that’s because you’re either frantically trying to capture every word or because the notes are so all over the place it feels like some sort of puzzle to solve to get to what the meeting even was about.

Why designate someone to be the “official note-taker” when no one really wants that job in the first place? With an AI note-taker, your entire conversation can be transcribed in real-time without worrying about someone writing down the wrong thing, someone missing an important point, or not attributing who said what when.

It keeps you accountable

How many meetings have you been a part of that, once they wrapped, you had absolutely no idea what you were supposed to do next? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

AI can capture that all for you so action items and next steps are easily accessible. That means no more scrambling to listen to an entire recording to pull out one or two next steps or having to hound participants down to recap what was committed:

dialpad's post-call summary feature

It keeps meetings productive

If you knew that without even having to think about it everything you agreed to or discussed was already being captured, how much more focused would you be during your next meeting? How much more productive could your entire group be if, instead of taking notes or circling back, you could (and just go with us here) actually get things accomplished during your call?

Have better meetings with your own AI note-taker

With Dialpad, meeting notes and action items are automatically captured for you with natively embedded AI (Voice Intelligence) that’s working behind the scenes to keep you on track and productive.

Plus with no required pins or downloads, Dialpad makes collaboration easy in every meeting and conference call. Learn more about AI in customer service and AI in sales!