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Even in this age of digital and mobile calling, toll-free numbers are relevant and extremely beneficial to businesses. Many customers and businesses still call from landlines or appreciate having the option to do so. Also, toll-free numbers are like memorable dot-com email addresses in that they make a business seem more established, legitimate, and professional.

Toll-free numbers can benefit almost any business, but that doesn’t mean they’re always necessary. Before you decide whether you should purchase a toll-free number for your business, consider what you stand to gain.

Benefits of a Toll-Free Number

Having a toll-free number says a lot about you as a business, from your relationship with your customers to your reach and size.

*Makes Your Business More Accessible

    Not everyone has a cellphone or wants to use it to call a business. According to Pew Research, 4% of American adults don’t have any mobile phone, and that number goes up to 9% among those aged 65 and older.

    And as pervasive as cellphones are, nearly 40% of households still have landlines. Some of those landlines belong to people who don’t want to use their cellphones for every call. Others don’t have high-quality cell connections at home. When your business has a 1-800 number, you’re accessible to all of those potential customers because it wouldn't cost them a dime to reach you.

    Having a toll-free number also makes you more reachable by other businesses. Many companies still use corporate phones, and cost containment is a real concern. When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) companies, providing a toll-free number to call is good customer service. Even if only a few people call your toll-free number from a landline, merely having one shows that you care about your customers’ convenience.

    *Boosts Your Credibility and Image

      People generally associate toll-free numbers with large and well-established businesses. When potential or current customers see a toll-free number as part of your profile, they see a legitimate company that can stand with top players in its industry. A toll-free number says to the world, “We’re ready to take calls from anywhere.”

      *Improves Brand Recall With a Memorable Number

        When you sign up for a toll-free number, you can choose what some people call a vanity number. These numbers are combinations that spell out words when you use the associated digits.

        Famous examples include 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-CONTACTS, both of which have remained company brand names and phone numbers for decades. With smart number choices and a little bit of luck, you can achieve the same kind of name-number recognition.

        Does Your Business Need a Toll-Free Number

        The benefits of a toll-free number often outweigh its cost, but not always. Here’s what you need to think about before you invest in 1-800 numbers for your business.

        *What’s the Reach of Your Business?

          Toll-free numbers exist so that people can reach your business for free, no matter where they are. If you’re a hyper-local business with customers and vendors are all within the same area code, taking calls from anywhere might not be as much of a priority for you.

          But if you plan to grow beyond where you are now, it might be worth investing in a 1-800 number sooner rather than later. You’ll be able to communicate with a broader audience and present the image of being a larger company as you’re expanding.

          *Do Your Competitors Have Toll-Free Numbers?

            Check out the websites of your closest competitors. If they have toll-free numbers, you should have one, too. It shows that you’re on the same level as those other businesses and that you’re just as ready to serve customers wherever they are.

            *Do You Take Service Calls?

              You also want to consider why people call your business. Do people get in touch with questions or troubleshooting requests that require extended conversations to resolve? If so, you want to give people a convenient and free way to have those conversations.

              When you have a toll-free number, customers can call you on a landline instead of paying for 30 or more minutes of use on their phone plans.

              *Do You Get Business Over the Phone?

                Some businesses—like hair and nail salons, dental offices, and restaurants with take-out services—use their phones primarily to make in-person appointments. If your business falls into any of these categories, you may not need a toll-free number because it’s unlikely that people would routinely call from outside the area.

                But if you take product orders for shipping or have extended conversations with potential customers about bespoke solutions, a toll-free number can be beneficial.

                *Do You Give Estimates?

                  In many service industries, a free estimate is a common way of getting new business. That often means making an appointment and going to the potential customer’s home or place of business and talking to them. If this is the case for your business, a toll-free number isn’t as imperative.

                  But if you give estimates over the phone or are thinking of doing so, a toll-free number can boost your chances of success. Potential customers will have the same experience of getting a free estimate since the 800 number is associated with no charges, and you won’t have to take time out of your day for in-person visits.

                  *Is the Cost Within Your Budget?

                    Calling an 800 number is free for the customer, but not for the company receiving the call. Phone providers charge a monthly fee plus a per-minute charge for calls that come into the toll-free number. At Dialpad, that cost is an industry-standard monthly fee depending on your billing type—plus $0.02 per minute.

                    Easy Toll-Free Number Setup

                    Your new toll-free number needs to integrate seamlessly into your existing communications system, especially from your customers’ perspective.

                    It’s easy to buy and integrate a toll-free number through Dialpad, and you won’t have to pay a setup fee if you have a US-based business. Contact us today for your free trial or to find out how to add toll-free calling to a new or existing Dialpad plan.