Dialpad is at the forefront of modernizing call centers with Contact Center, a solution to delight customers and prospects as they interact with your business.

Voice Intelligence (Vi) assists every agent for every call to offer live coaching, and call center managers can easily monitor sentiment and discover trends as soon as they emerge.

Reduce ramp times for new agents joining the call center, and deliver real-time coaching to stay on top of inbound calls. Voice Intelligence is integral to an effective training and coaching program. Businesses are turning to Voice Intelligence as this AI-powered technology gathers insights from every interaction between agents and customers. Since you’ll know exactly what customers are talking about, identify gaps in training materials and create relevant resources to run a proactive call center with knowledgeable agents.

We’ve identified several ways that managers and their teams are able to benefit from migrating to a cloud-based contact center. It’ll lead to improved efficiency as live coaching allows agents to take action on feedback immediately. Even after a call ends, there’s an opportunity to train agents using dynamic data for analysis. What you’ll start to realize is that, as the call center takes on a more agile approach, customer satisfaction shifts in a favorable direction.

Let’s explore a sample workflow for a call center manager, Lucy, and how her business embraced Dialpad’s Voice Intelligence.

Voice Intelligence in Your Call Center

Lucy is a call center manager for a car rental company. She manages a team of 32 agents and needs to use all the tools she has at her disposal to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. She’d like to use Voice Intelligence for training her team.

After enabling Voice Intelligence, Lucy notices that her team gets a lot of questions about pricing, and some of the newer agents do not know all the details of the plans they offer. To help with this, she decides to create a real-time assist (RTA) card to help her agents handle price inquiries live in the call.

Lucy gets started with a ‘Pricing Inquiry’ template for this RTA card. She simply fills it out with information about their pricing options that enable the card. From there on out, any time her agents get asked about pricing, the RTA card will provide them with the information they need. Agents don’t waste time scrambling to look through documents for an answer because the RTA card delivers the necessary information as soon as the inquiry arises.

Lucy also plans to ask her agents for feedback on the RTA card in their next team meeting to see if there are any additional trigger phrases or information she should add.

Since a lot of the agents on Lucy’s team are new, she wants to make sure that she is able to step in to assist when needed. For this, she uses a ‘Manager Attention’ template to create a custom moment. While the template has a list of existing trigger phrases included, she can add a few more phrases relevant to the car rental company. Lucy then checks the box to receive real-time alerts and lets her agents get to work. The next time a customer requests to speak to a manager, Lucy will receive a notification and be able to jump right into the call to help if needed.

A few weeks after enabling RTA cards and custom moments, Lucy decides to take a look at her Analytics dashboard to see how often specific cards and moments are being triggered. She notices that there has been a recent spike in negative sentiment on calls.

Lucy investigates by adding calls with negative sentiment to a playlist. She then reviews specific parts of the calls with negative sentiment and discovers that many customers have been experiencing issues with returning rental cars after hours. Using this information, she decides to update their website to make the instructions clearer and in an easy-to-find location. She also trains her agents on de-escalating these types of calls by offering customers a future discount.

Lucy realizes that agents ramp up faster, calls are shorter, and customers are happier.

Join Lucy and countless more Dialpad customers by improving your call center efficiency with Voice Intelligence.

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