VoiceAI was designed with technology that allows organizations to be more efficient in their day to day communications, unlock important insights, and learn more from customer conversations. From automating note-taking and creating more accountable teams, to delivering outstanding customer experiences, VoiceAI is designed to move enterprise communications into the future.

VoiceAI uses the power of AI to help organizations drive sales, gain competitive insights, and elevate customer service.

VoiceAI tech

VoiceAI employs artificial intelligence technologies that transcribe conversations to save time and ultimately unlock the insights within.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing—or NLP—processes incoming conversation data to accurately capture and transcribe it, word-for-word, into an easy-to-read format.

Machine Learning

Built-in machine learning makes Dialpad VoiceAI improve over time. The more you your organization uses VoiceAI, the better it’s able to capture your conversations.

Voice Recognition

VoiceAI is able to distinguish between conversation participants making conversation transcripts easy to follow in a familiar back-and-forth format.

VoiceAI across the org

Improve sales

VoiceAI helps salespeople identify and save at-risk deals, access competitive insights in real-time, and automate tasks like note-taking so they can spend more time with customers.

Provide better customer service

Improve customer retention by knowing when agents need support in real-time, uncover insights that allow them to better understand customer needs, and eliminate housekeeping tasks.

Innovate in your space

Find customer insights that can help build better products, stay a step ahead with strong competitive intel, and discover what messaging is truly resonating with your customers.

VoiceAI Features and Benefits

Real-Time Transcription

Capture entire conversations as they happen in a familiar back-and-forth format with individual participant identification.

Action Items

VoiceAI allows you to record important items for your to-do list without ever picking up a pen or hitting a key. Simply say ‘Action Item’, and VoiceAI captures the task and places it in your Call Summary.


Snippets eliminate the need to take extensive notes on a call. By clicking the Snippet button, users will capture important parts of conversations to put in their Call Summaries.

Call Summary

The Call Summary is where all Action Items, Snippets, and manual notes are put when a call is over.

Live Call Sentiment

Call Center Supervisors are able to see a list of live calls and what the sentiment is on those calls. This allows supervisors to provide assistance as well as highlight important training opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is VoiceAI? +

VoiceAI is an artificial intelligence product that’s built into Dialpad. It captures conversations in order to automate tasks and uncover insightful data that can help organizations make smarter business decisions.

What tasks does VoiceAI automate? +

VoiceAI makes it easy to create to-do lists and make notes with a simple command or click of a button.

Can VoiceAI be turned off? +

Yes. VoiceAI can be turned off by administrators as well as individual end users. However, if VoiceAI is disabled at the administrator level, end users cannot access the functionality.

What is an “Action Item”? +

An action item is a task you wish to record. For example, a user would say “Action Item” followed by the action they wish to record.

How do I create a Snippet? +

A Snippet is a point, a takeaway, or a part of the conversation that a user wants to highlight. When the Snippet button is clicked, everything said 10 seconds before and after is captured.

What is a Call Summary? +

A Call Summary contains all of a users important call information including Action Items, Snippets, Transcript, and notes.