Live Sentiment Analysis

For sales reps and support agents, conversations with prospective and existing customers can be tough at times. Dialpad's Live Sentiment Analysis lets supervisors know when a sales or support call takes a wrong turn so they can intervene and improve call outcome as necessary.

What is Live Sentiment Analysis

Live Sentiment Analysis analyzes conversations for specific words to give you a snapshot of how prospective and existing customers are feeling on the other side of the line in real-time, and a dashboard displaying sentiments cross all live calls allows the sales or support team managers to know exactly where their attention is needed. This can provide tremendous help to improve the outcome of your organization's sales and support calls —  especially when a prospective customer presents tough objections or when an existing customer is irate and wishes to be escalated.

Better Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is an important process in running through QA checklists and plays a crucial role in coaching sales reps and support agents as well. The challenge to call monitoring is that knowing which calls to listen to isn’t always obvious. With Live Sentiment Analysis, however, you remove the guesswork from the QA process to focus on the conversations that require your attention. 

Live Sentiment Analysis

Increase Deals and Decrease Churn

For Sales Teams:
Sales representatives can use live sentiment analysis to help guide their business phone calls with prospects. When a conversation is eliciting positive sentiments, it's a green light for the sales rep to carry on as usual. If negative sentiments arise in midst of the call, then it's a signal for the sales rep to address concerns or switch gears. Sales managers can also step in and help steer the conversation as needed to close the deal. 

For Support Teams: 
Fact: Unhappy customers usually don’t stay customers for long. Using Live Sentiment Analysis, managers of customer support teams will have a solid understanding of how customers are feeling in every conversation and where some extra support from them might be needed. They'll know where to step in so they can de-escalate issues, provide a better and more consistent customer experience, and decrease churn rates.

More Effective Coaching

With visibility into all active calls using Live Sentiment Analysis, managers can give sales reps and customer support agents on-the-spot coaching for any challenging or at-risk conversations. Leveraging this feature, managers on the sales and support teams can also speed up ramp-up times for new hires by being able to coach them live—while they’re conversing with prospectives and customers—rather than after the call has ended. 

Sentiment Analysis Listen In

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access Live Sentiment Analysis?

This feature is available on Dialpad Contact Center and Sell Plans.

How is the sentiment of a call determined?

Our built-in Voice Intelligence technology listens for specific words that indicate a customer is frustrated or that an agent is having difficulty solving a caller’s issue.

Where can a supervisor see active calls that might need assistance?

The Supervisor View shows a list of all ongoing calls for a given call center. Every call appears as a row in the dashboard and contains caller name, phone numbers, call duration, and more. Under “Active Calls”, you’ll see a column that displays the sentiment of calls. Sentiment appears in three states: Attention (Negative), Neutral, Positive. When especially negative situations arise on a call an "attention" indicator is prominently displayed. From here a manager can decide to view the live transcription, listen, or join to assist the agent.

Can I turn off Live Sentiment Analysis?

Yes, Live Sentiment Analysis can be turned from within the Administrator Web Portal.