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Internet phone service for business

Fed up with clunky desk phones that don’t give you the advanced features your growing business needs? It might be time to switch to an internet phone service—or even better, a unified communication system—for your business. Learn more below, or sign up for a 14-day trial of Dialpad to see how you can make phone calls and send text messages over the internet!

Why use an internet phone service for business communications?

For most businesses, getting phone service over the internet (aka. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol) gives you far more flexibility and freedom than with legacy solutions. With no hardware or wiring to install, your VoIP / internet phone service is typically ready to go in minutes. All you need is your computer or mobile device—and it’s easily scalable as your business grows.

Business VoIP systems are also more affordable than traditional alternatives, with generally have cheaper international calling rates and all the essential calling features like call logs, call waiting, and call queues.

Dialpad: Not just the best online phone service for businesses

Dialpad’s unified communications platform doesn’t just let you make phone calls. It also comes with...

Global Voice Network single card

HD call quality

A good VoIP phone system should give you excellent call quality. Dialpad’s global voice network and unique dual-cloud architecture are designed to give you HD phone calls across the world. Plus, there’s a 100% uptime SLA for Enterprise plan customers, which is unheard of. (The current industry “gold standard” is 99.999%.)

Single Item Card Add a Phone Number

Set up in minutes

One of the biggest benefits of an internet phone service for businesses with tight budgets and ambitious growth plans is the fast setup—there’s virtually nothing to install. With Dialpad, you can sign up, get a local or even toll-free number, and start making phone calls in literally minutes. The desktop app and mobile app work across iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and even web browsers if you don’t want to download any apps. Perfect for small businesses and teams that don’t have heavy IT support.

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Unified communications

Unlike your typical virtual phone system, Dialpad gives you truly unified communications, including video conferencing, conference calls, SMS/MMS text messaging, screen sharing, and more—all in one app.

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Easy call forwarding

With Dialpad, you can forward phone calls to your mobile phone, a team member, anyone you like. Choose up to five call forwarding numbers, right from your online dashboard.

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Real-time transcriptions

Most VoIP services don’t come with this feature or include it as a paid add-on, but Dialpad’s unique built-in Ai can transcribe your calls and video conferences—in real time. It can even log action items as people are speaking, and automatically emails all participants a recap summary with the transcript and recording after!

Looking for an internet phone service for your business?

Try Dialpad free for 14 days! It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and you'll be set up with a virtual business number too. Or, take a self-guided interactive tour of the app to play with it on your own first.

Dialpad omnichannel flows single

Fully integrated UCaaS and CCaaS

Running a contact center or call center? Dialpad’s contact center platform is built in-house as well, which means agents and supervisors can handle all their internal team messaging and communications and external customer conversations—all from a single app. One login, one account, one beautiful user experience.

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Personalized caller ID

Making work calls from your cell phone? Dialpad lets you choose which caller ID to display in order to protect your personal phone number. Just choose the phone number you want from the drop down as you’re dialing someone or sending an SMS message.

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Easy call routing

Make sure your inbound calls get routed to the right person or department quickly. Adjust your auto attendant, call routing, and even hold music options in Dialpad with just a few clicks. Or, if you want to manually do call transfers to specific team members, you can do that too!

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Visual voicemail

Voicemail transcription is a pretty unique feature that even the best internet telephone services often don’t include. With Dialpad, your voicemails are automatically transcribed in real time and delivered to your inbox. That means you can read them even when you’re in a meeting—no more having to listen to messages over and over to catch someone’s contact details.

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Unlimited call recordings

With Dialpad, you can record your calls and video conferences with a tap from your call screen. And what’s unique is that you get unlimited call recordings—at no extra charge. (With almost all other VoIP services and unified communications providers, this is an add-on that you have to pay extra for.)

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Integrations with tools you love

A good VoIP provider should have integrations with the other business software that you’re already using. Dialpad has a wide range of CRM integrations like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM, and also connects with everyday apps like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. There’s also an open API if you want to build your own custom integrations.

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Robust security

Making internet phone calls and having video conferences? Your VoIP service should help keep those secure. Dialpad not only has in-meeting security controls like the ability to mute and remove attendees, it also helps businesses stay GDPR and HIPAA-compliant. It’s a key reason why Dialpad has customers across a range of regulated industries like healthcare, law, and real estate.

Get more than just a VoIP service

See how easy it is to get set up with Dialpad's AI-powered unified communications platform and start making calls from anywhere, on any device. Sign up for a free 14-day trial, or take a self-guided interactive tour of the app!

The benefits of signing up with an internet telephone service provider

Flexibility and mobility

A major advantage of using an internet phone service for business is that it’s accessible from anywhere. You can assign business phone numbers and spin up new offices around the world, all from a desktop or mobile app.

See how ClassPass’ small two-person IT team sets up new offices and hundreds of employees worldwide with their communications platform.


Getting your phone service through the internet is cheaper than traditional PBX phone systems and landlines for a few reasons. For one, instead of charging per minute, most internet phone providers include unlimited calling. Dialpad, for instance, has unlimited calling and SMS/MMS messaging in the US and Canada, even on its least expensive $15/month plan. Then there are the setup and maintenance fees, which are much less expensive than PBX systems and associated hardware.

Dialpad's pricing plans:




$20 USD if billed monthly

1 License Minimum

  • Unlimited calling2
  • Unlimited SMS & MMS1
  • Call controls (call forwarding, transfer, hold, mute)
  • Custom voicemail greeting
  • Voicemail transcription
  • G Suite & Office 365 integrations
  • Fax (add-on)1
  • Custom off-hours routing


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100 License Minimum

All Pro plan features, plus:

  • 100% uptime Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Extensions
  • Unlimited office locations
  • Enhanced 24/7 Phone Support
  • Unlimited ring groups (departments)
  • Azure Integration
  • IAM/SSO Integrations (Okta, OneLogin)
  • Retention policies

More scalability

If you have remote staff or run a global business, you’ll want your enterprise phone system to have not only functionality, but also scalability. Meaning: Can you quickly spin up a new office if you’re hiring in a new region? Can you add—and remove—users easily to handle seasonal bursts of activity? What about adding toll-free numbers? For both of these situations, internet phone lines make things much easier than landlines.

Side-note: It’s important to note that not all VoIP service providers come with unified communications functionality or are necessarily easy to use—for example, Grasshopper, Vonage, and Ooma Office are all marketed as internet phone services for businesses, but don’t all come with video conferencing functionality, or are difficult to scale. Always check the fine print and try the free trials before committing.

Internet phone service reviews by Dialpad’s customers


“Being able to switch between the desktop and mobile interface has been big. When I’m on a call and have to step away from my computer, I just hit a button and the call flips from my computer to my phone as I’m going out the door. With most other platforms, you don’t really find that kind of seamless transition.”

Michael Case | IT Manager, SpinCar

Outdoor Voices

“From adding licenses to provisioning users, Dialpad is just easy.”

Francisco Veloz | IT Manager, Outdoor Voices

Harrelson & Harrelson

“Once we set up Dialpad, we were able to immediately download the app on our phones and travel for work, travel for vacation, whatever. You could still access your voicemail system, you could make phone calls, and your clients didn’t know you weren’t in the office.”

William M. Harrelson II, Harrelson & Harrelson

Bing Lee

“Dialpad has given us the flexibility to prioritize the health of our support agents with remote solutions while adding robust analytics, reporting, and monitoring capabilities which enabled us to raise the level of service for our customers.”

David Beck | Head of Process Improvement,Bing Lee

Try the best internet phone service provider for businesses

With so many VoIP providers to choose from, it can be difficult for business owners to decide which internet phone service is best. But here’s a tip: If you’re looking for a system that’s affordable, secure, and comes with all the features you need to run a thriving business, Dialpad checks all the boxes.

Alongside phone calls (in crystal-clear HD), the unified communications platform gives you video meetings with screen sharing, team messaging, online fax, and built-in contact center capabilities.

Call management features include call recording and virtual receptionist functions, while Ai technology powers hyper-accurate transcriptions and speech analytics.

Need more reasons why Dialpad is the best internet phone service for small business or enterprise? It connects to favorite tools like Outlook and Google Workspace, plus CRM integrations such as Salesforce, so you can build a flexible tech stack for your changing needs.

Dialpad is also user-friendly—it’s fast to deploy, and easy to manage the system through an online dashboard. You can port across your existing local and toll-free numbers (free for local US numbers!), and robust customer support is available if you need it.

FAQs about internet phone services for business

What’s the average cost of phone and internet for a small business?

It’s difficult to put a figure on typical costs for small business phone services over the internet, as each business is unique and has varying requirements. Pricing can differ wildly depending on the provider you choose, the number of users you want to add, and the features you need.

The good thing is that VoIP providers typically charge on a per-user, per-month subscription basis, so you don’t have to worry about a large upfront expenditure or a long-term contract. Plus, you’ll already be paying for an internet service to your company, so you can save money by ditching your PBX (private branch exchange) with its trunked phone lines and rental fees.

Some internet phone service providers claim to cost $0 per month, but charge you by the minute for voice calls. Others might have a higher price tag for features, but give you unlimited calling. You also need to check what you’re getting in terms of international calling rates and toll-free minutes.

Generally, you can expect to pay between $20 and $40 monthly per user for a VoIP business phone system. Dialpad has comparatively affordable pricing, with the Standard plan starting at only $15 per user per month and including unlimited calling in your home country, the US and Canada, and unlimited SMS/MMS messaging in the US and Canada. You also get unlimited video meetings, AI-powered call and voicemail transcriptions, standard integrations, and 24/5 customer support. If you need more features or want to upgrade to 24/7 customer support, the Pro plan is still only $25 per user per month.

Can I choose an internet phone number outside my country?

What are the limitations of using an internet phone system?

Do I need special hardware to install my internet phone system?

Can I use my business phone if my internet connection goes down?