Cloud Communications

Dialpad’s modern cloud platform lets businesses work where they want, when they want, and how they want. By enabling communication from any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desk phones, Dialpad gives modern workers the business phone features and tools they need to succeed from anywhere.

What is the Cloud?

Mention the cloud and you’ll invoke images of a place suspended in cyberspace that holds your files and software somewhere that you can access anytime, anywhere. That analogy works well, but the cloud is actually a very real and physical place—or, rather, many physical places.

The cloud is actually millions of computers located around the world that store your data and software, instead of locally on the device you’re using. Your device then sends and fetches data from these computers as you need it.

What does that mean for Dialpad and the average worker? It means your business phone system is fast, lightweight, reliable, and ready to scale. The cloud is the future of communications.

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Moving Communications to the Cloud

Moving your business communications to the cloud just makes sense. From its low cost and predictable pricing to its ability to scale at the snap of your fingers, Dialpad provides all the functionality and quality of service as traditional desk phones and PBX networks—only in a system that’s future-proof and as flexible as you need it to be.

The cloud frees you up to communicate from any device—not just the desk phone wired to your office. So you can make calls, send messages, host meetings, and even have face-to-face video conversations with coworkers or customers from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection.

The best part? With Dialpad, there’s no ramp up time for small or medium businesses. You simply sign up, download the apps to your devices, and your company's communications are on the cloud. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cloud Communications more expensive that normal communications?

No. In fact, Cloud Communications platforms are usually less expensive than traditional office communications because you don’t need to buy or maintain hardware and a physical network.

Is the cloud better than legacy business communications?

Cloud Communications platforms outperform legacy systems in cost, scalability, updatability, hardware compatibility, reliability, and many other criteria.

Is Cloud Communications easy to update?

Yes. Unlike traditional networks, cloud-based platforms can be updated remotely and instantly. This ensures that you always have the latest version of the platform and makes Dialpad completely future-proof.

Where does Dialpad store my data?

Dialpad stores data on a handful of different secure data centers across the world. This creates necessary redundancy and ensures that your data is always safe.

How is the cloud different from our current phone system?

If you’re using a PBX system, you likely have some pretty hefty technical infrastructure and pricey hardware to go with it. The cloud replaces all of the unnecessary physical infrastructure with reliable, secure, and lightweight software that lives on devices you’re already using to keep things as simple as possible.

Is the cloud secure?

Yes. The cloud is secure and adheres to the strictest modern digital security protocols.