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UCaaS & CCaaS "Pizzacast" Webinar with TruCloud Solutions and Dialpad

Join TruCloud Solutions and Dialpad for an informative and delicious "pizzacast."

Channel Partner Event

Join TruCloud Solutions and Dialpad for an exciting "pizzacast" where we will treat you to a Domino's pizza lunch while you learn about Dialpad's UCaaS & CCaaS solutions.

Click here for Domino's pizza options.


  • TruCloud Solutions opening remarks
  • Introduction to Dialpad
  • Dialpad UCaaS & CCaaS demo

Why TruCloud Solutions:
TruCloud Solutions is your Trusted Advisor for Voice, Data, Cloud, and Security. Our process takes the hassle of sourcing, negotiating, and implementing the RIGHT tech solutions for your business. Using our objective, in-depth approach, we match you with expert-vetted providers that align with your unique business needs. We always prioritize your best interests. Partnering with us means you’ll receive the best value, at the best price…and the ongoing expert support you need to integrate successfully.

Why Dialpad:
Dialpad is the global leader in Ai communications for business, transforming how the world works together. Dialpad customers benefit from a TrueCaaS™ experience, truly unified business and customer communications, including a cloud business phone system, text and team messaging, video meetings and the world’s most advanced Ai contact center—all in one beautiful app. More than 25,000 innovative brands and millions of people use Dialpad to connect their teams from anywhere.

Date & Time

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 @ 11:00am PDT


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Cole Dunsmore

TruCloud Solutions


Chris Brooks

Principal Account Executive