How to Move IT Forward in an Evolving Landscape

Date and Time

Virtual Keynote Address: Weds, Mar 2 at 3:00 pm EST

It's a jungle out there, and one that keeps evolving, too. These days, our world - and our work lives - are disrupted time and time again. What's that saying about the only constant? Oh right. It's change.

A full two years into a pandemic that zigs and zags, what do we currently mean by disruption and the future of work? And, in a society so dependent and driven by tech, how will organizations really value IT talent in 2022 and beyond?

With the above in mind, Dialpad is pleased to present Ade McCormack to share insights on the digital transformation plus current strategies and power shifts in today's workplace. As a technologist and near futurist, Mr. Cormack will deliver a virtual keynote address exclusively for our business and IT leaders on Weds, Mar 2.

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